d you know that the number one cause of obesity is something called “emotional eating?” If you use food as a way to deal with stress and anxiety, you are not alone. Here are some steps you can take that will help you to avoid emotional eating:

First of all, it’s important to spend a little bit of time thinking about the things that actually trigger you. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and think about the different life situations you’ve been through. If you’ve been through a divorce, write that down. If you were abused as a child, make a note of that as well. Write down all of the difficult emotional times that you have been through. The triggers to your emotional eating will inevitably have arisen from these emotional events and traumas from your life, even if some of them occurred decades ago. Simply being aware on a more conscious level of the emotional baggage that you are carrying will help you to recognize those triggers.

Another great idea is to start keeping what you might call an “eating journal.” In your case, write down not only what you were eating but also what you were thinking and feeling at the time. When you ate that entire bowl of chips or carton of ice cream, what inner voice were you trying to silence? What specific stress were you trying to deal with? Understanding the relationship between your eating and your emotions is a major key to breaking bad habits.

The most revolutionary idea that I would like to share with you is to start listening to your body. It’s now possible to find out exactly what your energy field “thinks” about that tasty morsel you’re about to put into your mouth!

There are a number of very effective ways to tap into the subconscious mind that are actually quite simple and easy to perform. Let me share the simplest and easiest of these ways. I call this the “Sway Test.”

If you are standing in a relaxed posture, your body will tend to gently sway forward if you are thinking about food that your subconscious mind wants, and will sway backward if you are thinking about foods that it perceives to be harmful!

Here’s how it works:

If there is any music playing in your room, or if the television is on, turn them off, so that you will be able to focus completely on the test. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Drop your hands to your side, and close your eyes. Allow yourself to completely relax.

Try thinking about the word “salad.” Try to imagine the most delicious, healthy salad that you’ve ever eaten.

The moment your inner mind connects with the thought of “salad,” and all the good fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that go along with that salad, you will begin to sway forward, as your subconscious mind realizes just how good for you that salad would actually be. This typically doesn’t take more than five or 10 seconds, and gets easier with practice.

Now, allow yourself to relax again. With your eyes closed, focus your mind on the word “Hot Pocket.” As you think about this ultimate form of junk food, your subconscious mind is somehow aware of the artificial ingredients that are in that product, the humectants, the preservatives, the food colorings and so on, that are going to make you fat. Once again, the moment your subconscious mind makes the connection with what a “Hot Pocket” really is, your body will start to sway backward of its own volition, in an attempt to move you further away from eating something bad for you.

Most people have no difficulty with this test. Remember to relax completely and focus your mind in a powerful way upon the food, whatever food you choose. Test your food before you eat it. It may just surprise you to find that your body actually wants to have a choice in what you are eating!

About the Author: Author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code withthousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often affect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer. His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, offers step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s own healing power.

When it comes to great-looking skin, there are quite literally hundreds of products, treatments, suggestions, and even old wives tales. You can buy Le Mer for a lot of dough, you can shoot your face up with Botox, you can peel, exfoliate, brush, mud, or massage your skin into beauty, but what we found was that when it comes to your skin, simple is the best and it may matter more what you eat than what you put onto your skin.

3 Tips To Heavenly skinSo, after weeding through Dermatologists, cosmetologists, and a plethora of lines, we’ve come up with a few ideas that won’t break the bank, but still give your skin its best shot to looking fresh, dewy, and flawless–and isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

1. Forget expensive lotions and potions to moisturize and replenish your skin. It turns out that honey (a natural humectant with antimicrobial properties) belongs in your bathroom vanity as well as in your tea. According to the National Honey Board, honey is pure, natural, and attracts and retains moisture. As an anti-irritant, honey is a preferred ingredient for those with sensitive skin and acne, and can be used to help manage breakouts while keeping your skin moisturized. Manufacturers have used honey in everything from hand lotions and moisturizers to bar soaps and bubble baths. Look for honey in store-bought beauty products or simply add a squeeze of honey to your moisturizer, shampoo or soap at home.

For some extra pampering, try whipping up a simple beauty recipe yourself.

Cucumber Honey Eye Nourisher (Makes 4 treatments)

  • 1 Tbsp. aloe vera gel
  • 2 tsp. cucumber, peeled with seeds removed
  • 1/2 tsp. chamomile tea
  • 1/2 tsp. honey

Directions: Steep chamomile tea in boiling water. Set aside to cool. In food processor or blender, combine cucumber, aloe vera 1and honey. Blend on low setting. Add chamomile tea. Blend until smooth. Apply gently under eyes using ring finger. Store in glass dish covered with plastic wrap in refrigerator for up to one week. Best applied chilled.

2.Turns out great skin is directly related to what you eat.  According to ZICO Coconut Water, and the registered dietician they work with, Erin Palinski, beautiful skin is all about good nutrition.

Palinski recommends these great nutritional tips to helping keep your skin youthful.

  • Snacking on tart cherries because they’re rich in melatonin which may help to boost UV protection and promote cell growth.
  • Stay hydrated with water or ZICO Coconut water. With the increase in heat and humidity, your body sweats more and if you are not replacing the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat, your skin can look dull and dry.
  • Reach for watermelon. It contains a high water content to help promote hydration and is rich in the nutrient lycopene, which helps to preserve and protect connective skin tissue helping skin to look smoother, tighter, and more youthful.
  • Toss pomegranate seeds into your summer salad. They’re rich in antioxidants, decrease inflammation of the skin, and may reduce the ability of UVB rays to damage skin cells, helping to protect against skin cancer and premature aging.

3) “Cleansing is, in my opinion, the most important and transformative part of a skincare routine. It is literally the first step to heavenly skin, without it, heavenly skin may allude those seeking it. Those who cleanse thoroughly, in general, have brighter, smoother, healthier-looking skin,” says Suzanne LeRoux, president of the One Love Organicsskincare line.

LeRoux recommends what she calls “double cleansing” because it thoroughly removes the daily dirt, dust, oxidized sebum, dead skin cells and residue from makeup, sunscreens and skincare. Sold in solid or firm in the tub/tube, they liquefy when rubbed between palms and massaged on to a dry face. You can find one of these amazing double cleansing skincare sets through One Love Organics.com

Bonus: Board-certified dermatologist at Mount Sinai school of medicine and author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets From a Top New York Dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, says, “Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! That would give you the prettiest most glowing skin. I like sonic cleansing systems. My favorite is the Clarisonic because they have different brush heads for different skin types.

Jaliman goes on to say, to get your beauty rest. It’s important to sleep 7 to 9 hours per night because that’s when the skin repairs itself. Make certain not to sleep right on your face so you don’t wrinkle your face. If you do you may get sleep lines. If you must sleep on your side you can always get a beauty pillow or sleep on A satin pillowcase.

The next time you’re in Japan, make sure you try the local cuisine, explore the culture, and have snails crawl on your face.

Titled the “Celebrity Escargot Course,” this facial in Tokyo’s Clinical Salon treats customers to a procedure in which snails are placed on the face and allowed to move about, leaving a trail of slime behind. The reasoning: The protein, glycolic acid and elastin present in snail slime is believed to promote skin healing and regeneration.

Credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

While Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates – the ingredient’s technical name – has been used in skin care creams and lotions for quite some time now, it wasn’t until recently that spas started using the actual creature as part of the treatment.

The cost for this procedure is around $240. If you’re tempted to pick up one of these mollusks from your backyard for a discount version of the facial, keep in mind Clinical Salon feeds its snails an organic diet of veggies and greens.

Healthy Hair The only thing that baffles girls more than boys is their hair. Do you have any ideas why does your hair look totally fabulous today but crappy the other day, even when you style it the same way? Or why is more hair coming out when you shampoo? Does it mean you are going bald? I bet most of you do not know what to do when hair gets static in the winter. Do not worry. Your hair Dilemmas can be solved!

Just as snowflakes, no hair days are identical. Tender switches in your styling routine plus the weather conditions can easily change the way your hair looks from day to day. It’s obvious that humidity causes frizz, but very dry air can also make puffy your hair. As long as your body heats up on a hot day, your scalp sweats slightly, and as a result, your hair looks flat. If the air is dry, your hair will be, too. Before you go to sleep, fill up a large bowl full of water and keep it out while you sleep—as the water evaporates, moisture is put into the air. Keep combination of rinsing out all of your shampoo and conditioner and using the same blow-drying technique and amount of products each day.

People normally lose between 50 and 100 strands a day. Changing your diet, starting or ending a medication or experiencing a lot of stress in the last two months can cause more to fall out, but that type of hair shedding is only for a while. If there is not any obvious reason of losing your strands, visit your doctor for excluding a thyroid problem. Regardless of the cause of the hair loss, start massaging your scalp every time you wash up. Making a slight massage increases the blood flow to your follicles and gives rise to healthy hair growth.

Healthy Looking Hair Getting enough of some vitamins, especially B vitamins such as folic acid and biotin, is essential for having healthy, strong hair. You should be able to get all of these nutrients from a balanced diet that includes such B-rich foods as eggs and dark leafy greens as well as salmon. But if you are not sure you are getting enough nutrients from the foods you eat, you should want to take a daily vitamin pill to be certain that your strands stay in normal shape.

Since your locks do not have a digestive system, it is impossible to feed them with nutrients from a bottle. What shampoos and conditioners are able to do is help stressed-out tresses look healthier by coating the cuticle and even filling in holes with such ingredients as silicone, fatty acids, and proteins. This will make each strand feel softer and look shinier. The best way to repair damaged, dry hair and prevent future breakage and not cutting it off is by using an intensive deep conditioner once per week. Look for those that contain acids or proteins to help strengthen weak strands and moisturizers for hydrating and soften.

Healthy Hair Cutting your hair does not mean it will make hair grow, but frequent cutting ensures healthy locks. Damaged ends will continue to split up the hair stems, making your hair vulnerable to breakage and weak. Trims prevent the breakage, so even if you are aiming for longer hair, you need to cut off almost quarter of an inch every five weeks. Plus if you are thinking of cutting hair on your own, do not you dare because if your scissors are not sharp enough, you will end up making the split ends even and much worse. Breakage can also be caused by brushing your hair while it is wet or dry and repeatedly using extremely tight elastic on your ponytails. So brush from ends up to the roots and not the other way around. Wear your pony a little looser and lower than usual for taking your hair a break.

Over brushing can actually damage your hair by overstimulation of your scalp’s oil glands and wearing off the outer cuticle. But the right amount of brushing will increase shine, get rid scalp of flakes and product buildups. All you need are 15 to 25 strokes a day with the proper brush. The best brushes have a mix of natural and synthetic bristles, which gently wears off the oils down from your scalp.

weight scale

Of all the losing weight methods out there this one is by far the most appealing! Do not be afraid to eat a cookie for your breakfast. It is not a joke. Check out this list of foods that practically melt away calories.

Oatmeal with nuts
Nuts are hard for your body to digest because they are very dense. As a result, they stay in your stomach longer and extend that feeling of fullness for long hours.  Pair nuts with a carbohydrate such as a small smear of peanut butter on whole wheat toast, nutritionists suggest. Carbohydrates give energy and the nuts delay the release of that energy so your blood sugar remains stable. What is the result? You will be less likely to carve when lunch time comes.

A study published in one journal about nutrition found that people who drink a cup and a half of milk a day loose nearly twice as much weight as those who consume just a half  cup. How is it possible? The milk drinkers have higher levels of vitamin D that is associated with weight loss. Any nutritional deficiency can slow your metabolism, causing you to hold onto weight, experts explain. And since nearly half of population lacks adequate vitamin D, dairy products can counter the effect


A breakfast burrito
Research published in one journal discovered that women who eat a high protein breakfast, such as burrito, egg based waffles with applesauce and a lean sausage patty, yogurt, or cottage cheese feel fuller and snack less than those who skip their morning meal or have cereal.

If you are choosing between tuna tartare starter vs. the gazpacho, order the second one. According to research out of one centre, eating soup in low calorie before a meal triggers you to consume an average of 22 percent fewer calories overall. Obviously, stick to healthy, brothy options instead of fat bombs such as cheddar-broccoli.

A homemade sandwich
Women who go out for lunch at least once a week shed less poundage than those who bring their own food to work. Researchers from one research center that conducted the study pointed out that people do not have as much control over ingredients and portion size at restaurants. Of course, that is true no matter when you go out to eat but the strongest correlation was found with lunchtime meals.

Make your choice on leafy greens at the salad bar as they are surprisingly filling. You will get a huge quantity of food for a very low calorie count. In addition, a big salad takes a long time to finish, which tricks your body making you feel full. According to the research, most people eat a meal in five to ten minutes, but it takes twenty minutes for your satiety signal to kick in and tell you that you have had enough. So the slower you have your meal, the less you ultimately eat.

A study from one university found that people who had a breakfast packed with carbohydrate and protein followed by dessert lost more weight than those who started the day with a low carbohydrate, sugar free meal. Participants who consumed a small treat such as chocolate, a donut, a cookie, or a piece of cake reported feeling less hungry and having fewer cravings throughout their day. At the end of the 8 months trial, they had lost an average of 50 pounds, compared to just 10 pounds for the low carbohydrate dieters.

Dark chocolate
This one is way more filling than milk chocolate, according to findings from one university. People who eat a hundred grams of dark chocolate and then are given free reigns to pig out on pizza eat 13 percent less food than when they nibble on 100 grams of milk chocolate before meal.

Foods high in potassium such as melon, avocado and bananas act as natural diuretics and help you put out excess water retention.


Headaches are one of the most common complaints, with 70 million people suffering from chronic ones. But when pain strikes, you are not always able to take a pill or turn down the lights. There is an easier and more natural way to get relief such as food. Here are revealed the most common headaches and the foods that help prevent and even treat them.


With the power to stop you in your actions, migraines often hurt on one side of the head and can also make you sensitive to light or feel nauseated. Research has shown that vitamin B2 or riboflavin helps to reduce the incidence of migraines by up to 48%. Riboflavin improves energy metabolism of your brain and its muscle cells, protecting and helping them maintain energy. Seek for about 401 mg a day in foods like quinoa, crimini mushrooms, asparagus and even a glass of low fat milk, which is about 32% of the recommended daily allowance.



Hormonal headaches are usually on one side of your head just like migraines. Estrogen is thought to be the main reason why females have more migraines than males that is why women seem to have headaches during or right before the periods of dropping estrogen levels. Magnesium is very helpful if you are prone to monthly headaches, and after getting overexcited calming nerves. Try getting 455 mg of magnesium a day from foods like Swiss chard and spinach, which give you almost 42% of your daily need. Other good sources are bananas, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.


If you ever feel like a tight band is squeezing your head, it is probably a stress related headache from the muscles in your neck and behind your temples tensing. CoenzymeQ10 is a main source of energy production in your body and is important for healthy blood vessels. As a powerful antioxidant, it supports your mitochondria, which are sometimes involved in head pain. It also can protect your body from free radicals induced by stress as well as your cells. Aim for 101 mg 3 times a day. You can choose eggs, tuna or mackerel, cauliflower and broccoli, or for an extra boost take some supplement.

Cold & flu

Cold or flu

When you are sick, your body loses essential salts and water, making it easy to become dehydrated. Dehydration is one of the main triggers for headaches. Have one to two servings of water rich fruit like grapefruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and pineapples with at least one meal per day. And what is most important, stay hydrated.

Herbal tea eases headaches

For centuries ligusticum has been a traditional Chinese remedy for agonizing migraines. The usual dosage is 350 to 499 mg daily, or it can be taken as tea, two or three cups a day. You can find ligusticum online, in food stores and at the acupuncturists’ offices or Chinese herbalists. A natural anti inflammatory-ginger has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to cure pain. To make ginger tea, you should cut up the root, boil it for ten minutes, then strain the water and drink as tea; or, use bags of ginger tea available in health food stores. Plum, mint and green tea help release tension. Boil five dried plums, one tbsp of green tea and two tbsp of mint in four cups of water for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day until the headache reliefs.